All soils are not created equal…some are tougher than others. Our machines are created to work in rugged soil conditions, profitably and with cost efficient results for the user. We are B.W. Implement Company located in Buttonwillow, California since 1947.

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Culti-Mulch… the versatile, high-quality seed bed preparation mulcher for rugged soil conditions. No matter what soil texture, the Culti-Mulch offers superior performance and durability. A wide variety of models means a mulcher that meets your needs to produce a high-elevated, correctly spaced seed bed. You get fast, timely germination of both small seed row crops, such as onions, lettuce, etc, and large seed row crops such as cotton and corn. Controlled bed shape, width and height, uniform tillage depth ( for continued moisture control) minimizes the need to reseed and results in increased germination.

That's agribusiness planning from the ground up - what we call Dirt Smart.


The BWI PC3-80 vegetable mulcher is our most popular machine. These rugged mulchers are ideal for most spring mix, spinach, and specialty lettuce crops... any crop that requires a large bed. The PC3-80 is designed to make a uniform seed bed: both height and width. That means just one depth setting for your planter, cultivator, and harvesters. The result: less chance of reseeding and higher germination rates.


Coastal Tractor has been in business serving the prime Coastal Valley of California for 35 years. They are family owned and run by vegetable Farmers, so farmers know that they’ll be treated right whether they’re a first-time customer, or someone the salesman knows by name. We specialize in vineyard and vegetable equipment and with equipment from manufactures like B.W. Implement.


Heavy rains mean the weeds are up. All over the U.S. and parts of Mexico BWI is helping growers handle their weed problems. BWI has a number of tools that can help. From our full line of disc’s and chisels to our Solid mulcher for orchard floors. Whether you have an almond or fruit orchard or a grape vineyard we have the right implement to help you manage your weed problems now.

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